Working Smart is the Game

Everyone can work hard. Everyone can put in the hours and out work, out grind and out hustle the competition. Working hard however is only part of the equation when building a business. If you just work hard and put in as many hours as you can you’re always going to be one step back. 

What differentiates the best from the rest isn’t how hard they work but how smart. And no I’m not talking about maximising their time so they only work 20 minutes a day but those minutes are uber productive. I’m talking about knowing all of your business not just blindly moving forward each day. 

Know your numbers

Lots of people post on social media for their business. But how many people do it with a purpose? Without looking right now at your Instagram can you tell how many likes you’ve had on the last 3 posts? Or what the breakdown of those likes is, how many men, how many women, from which territories? When did most of those likes engage with your posts? What time of day? What about your Instagram stories? 

Knowing your numbers helps you plan more effectively and helps you reach the right people. Learn them. 

Know who you’re working for

Any successful marketing plan is targeted within an inch of its life. Its not a vague guess aimed at everyone. As a creative business its critical you know who you’re working for. That can’t be everyone. You need to be super focused and clear with who your target market is. If you don’t, you’re marketing and approaching everyone and not everyone is going to want what you have to offer. The market is tough enough to navigate if you know you it is if you want to work with, its way harder if you haven’t got a clue and you’re trying to sell to everyone. 

Figure out who you’re marketing to. 

Working smart is the differentiator. Its what helps you get ahead. Above is just two things to be smart about. There’s plenty more when you start thinking. 


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