How to create a portfolio like a Pro

As a photographer, creating your portfolio can be a daunting task. You want to show off everything great you’ve ever taken to wow and impress prospective clients bagging you those high end money rich bookings.

But in reality that’s not how it works.

Below are my top tips for creating a portfolio like a pro.

You don’t have to show off everything.

The lure to create a huge portfolio is strong when you’re a photographer looking for work. You want to show off every you can in case that one image is the one that snags that client. But the reality is that 99% of clients don’t want to go through 100s of images. If they have to do that they’ll often get bored and look somewhere else.

What you should be doing is looking to create a portfolio that’s small but incredible. Your best 15 images are way more powerful when trying to snag a client than 100 of your average shots.

Togs tip: Be ruthless. Go through your portfolio and remove anything but your absolutely best images. If they’re not incredible, don’t include them.

Show the work you want to be paid for.

As a working photographer, you should have clear goals. You should be working towards the dream rather than just surviving. So if that’s the case why are you including that shoot you’re not particularly proud of or what to do more work like it in your portfolio? Just to show you can do it?

Instead, try to craft your portfolio so that it just contains the work you want to get hired for because when prospective clients hit you’re website they should be able to see what you offer. If you’re only showing off the work you want to get hired for you’ll only get inquiries for that kind of work!

Togs tip: taking on other work is fine. If you want to be a sports photographer that’s great but if someone wants to hire you to shoot their wedding that’s great but it doesn’t have to go in your portfolio.

Tell stories around your portfolio.

If you’re portfolio shows off your best work and you’re only showing the work you’re wanting to be paid for then you are in a great position. Now you can start telling stories around that work. Your best work.

People (prospective clients) want to buy into stories so tell yours. Theres a multitude of ways to do this but do it authentically and be yourself.

Togs tip: use social media to tell those stories. Share behind the scenes. Share your thoughts on the image. Why you shot it and how. Share what it means to you.


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