Photographer Q&A

I recently asked on my Instagram story if anyone had questions about Photography or Business and some pretty cool questions came out of it so I thought I’d share them in a blog post as I think they can bring some value to others.

Whats your goal for the year?

I think my biggest goal is to help, support and mentor other photographers and creatives.

Whats your favourite sport to shoot?

I wouldnt say I have a particular favourite as I only work in sports that I love anyway. But I have really enjoyed shooting Track Cycling and Netball at the end of this year.

Would you travel abroad to shoot?

Yeah I would and already do a little. 2019 has some nice little trips overseas already planned in.

Loved your Netball photos, will you be doing more?

I hope to yes! I’m currently in talks for the Quad Series in January as well as the 2019 World Cup in the summer.

Any tips on getting to photograph such big sporting events?

The trick is to find clients to work for. At the big events you only get accreditation by working with the media or brands involved in the event. Ask. Find out who the brands and media outlets are and approach them with your work. Alternatively, shoot from the spectator areas, there’s no shame in that. I often do it even though I’m accredited.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Mainly what I’m doing now. Working with a collection of great clients who want great work to show off their brands.

Any business social media tips you care to share?

Be consistent. Be yourself. And don’t try to sell. It’s about networking and being active in your community not selling. Sales come later.

If you could have one Camera / Lens combo what would it be?

Hands down the 70-200mm lens. The Canon L series 70-200 is a thing of beauty. I couple mine with my Canon 7dmkii.

What’s your favourite thing to photograph?

Probably motion or movement in anything. That’s why do I do a lot of motion panning in my work. I love being able to show that movement. It’s the same with any personal work I do I like to use slow shutter speeds to show motion.

Who’s your greatest inspiration?

I think for me Chase Jarvis is my biggest inspiration as a photographer and creative. An incredible action sports photographer and a creative who’s willing to help and support others.

Have you ever been published in printed media? And if so how did you manage it?

Yup I’ve had pieces printed in a few places like Trial Runner Magazine, Outdoor Fitness and Women’s Running. There’s no one way to do it really, it comes from speaking to the right people and having consistently good work that people want to print.

In my opinion print media isn’t where a photographer should try and focus their work. It’s a nice bonus to have something in print but as a business it’s not where the money and clients are. It’s like Xfactor. It’s cool to be on the show but not many people get a music career from it. Yet stick some great stuff out on YouTube and you can have a lot more success.


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