Show up. Regardless

80% of success is showing up ~ Woody Allen Every creative or artist has had a great idea. That thing they come up with in the middle of the night or on a train to someplace. They get bubbling with enthusiasm and excitement and then a few weeks later the moment's gone and the motivation … Continue reading Show up. Regardless


Quit getting in your own way.

What beats most creatives out is not that they're not good enough or that they don't have a great idea, its that they're too afraid to admit to themselves and others what they want and start going after it. If I asked you what is it you wanted out of life, chances are you know … Continue reading Quit getting in your own way.

Why influencers are beating out the rest of us.

There's a common thread kicking around social media at the moment, that influencers are getting all the good times and cheating out others along the way. With cries of unfairness and complaints of being fake, people are getting well and truly stuck into this new thing to argue about. A Social Media Influencer is a user on social … Continue reading Why influencers are beating out the rest of us.