5 ways to get ahead

Starting out is always easy. It’s a fun and exciting journey. But as times goes on and you want to progress and start to make things happen like get work and make money, it’s important you switch things up a bit. Below are my 5 top tips for making that move.

Work harder

You can’t really get ahead with pulling the odd hour here or there. You have to put the time in consistently if you want more. Hours that you’d usually waste watching TV or browsing Facebook, need to be converted to creating and learning your craft. It becomes about prioritising, about honing your craft and making the most of the time you have available. You have to take the buzz and enthusiasm you have and pour it into every spare minute to get ahead.

Work smarter

I talked about some of the ways you can work smarter online in my last post. But working smarter can also include things like when you work. Knowing when you are most productive is a great way of working smarter. One thing that’s helped me is outsourcing the things that I suck at so I can concentrate on the things I’m good at. Get a coach or mentor to help act as a sounding board and keep you pointing in the right direction. Use tools that help cut down on stuff you don’t need to do and spend lots of time on. I run all my financials through my phone for example so that I don’t have to sit down all the time with a pile of receipts and stare at a massive confusing spreadsheet.

Focus on what you want

If you are wanting to get ahead it’s critical that you focus down on what you want. Being unsure and unclear on the goal won’t get you anywhere. You have to get clear. You have to get focused and that focus will help to drive you forward. Think of it like going on a journey, if you don’t know the destination you’ll end up anywhere.

Learn, learn and learn

Pick up a book. Watch a YouTube video. Listen to a podcast. The world is a wash with great information on every subject known to man and women and best of all it’s all free. The more you learn the better you get. The better you get the further ahead you’ll end up. This is an important part of the process. You have to be constantly learning. Devote time to it every day and you’ll propel yourself forward like a rocket.

Go after what you want

Lots of people will tell you you can’t do it. That your dreams are unrealistic. Because they can’t do it they tell you, you can’t either. If you want to get ahead you have to shut out all the negativity and hate and push forward. The key to getting ahead is being about to shut out external influences and focusing on what you want. Do that and it’ll all start to work out for you.


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